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Walking Treasure Hunt


Mike Dunsbee has come up with this brilliant local walking treasure hunt.

Thanks, Mike!


The walk is mainly on the lanes with one small hardened gravel pathway, so

taking a pram or pushchair would be no problem.

The hunt will take around 1hour and cover around 1.5 miles.


Ideal for all the family!


To give you an idea of what you're looking for, here are the questions.

There is a printable link below the questions.


The answers are hidden - you'll have to click on the cat's magnifying glass to find them!!



Start at the Catbrook & District Memorial Hall.


Q1.  Which year was the hall extended and refurbished?


Go towards Catbrook, following the main road.


Q2.  I was money and a form of transport. What am I called?


Before the sharp left bend, go straight.


Q3.  Which singing star lived in the Grove. Melanie A, B, C or D?


Q4.  Name the Tin Bird!


Follow the lane, enjoy the views towards England. Turn first right.


Q5.  At the very special property, turn left, but first what am I and what’s my name?


At the end of the lane aim for the old telephone box.


Q6.  Who owns the box?


Continue past the box to the junction.


Q7.  We don't see many of these trees any more in this country.


At the end turn left.


Q8.  What’s missing at the entrance to the forest?


Pass the forest entrance. As you reach the next road junction, you’re going to fork left. Before that…


Q9.  Name the Blue Box!


Down the lane.


Q10.  I am known by two names - what are they?


Q11.  This place is only one of two in the Wye Valley AONB. What is it?


Q12.  Name the protected Newt found here.


Q13.  I was built in 1850 - what am I?


Go left at the junction.


Q14.  This house has a hole in the ground. What is it?


Continue to the T junction.


Q15.  On the pole what’s the letter?


Go right at this pole.


Q16.  I am near the pool having a siesta. Where am I from?


Q17.  Where did players dribble?


Q18.  Name the animal at Dingle.


Q19.  A gate swings on me - what was the year I was made?


Q20.  I keep you dry and out of the wind while you wait. What am I?


At the junction go right and keep going.


Q21.  Beware, what’s overhead?


Q22.  I was shoes but now I am a?


You’ll be back to where you started - we hope you have fun!


For the printed route

and questions,

click on the walking cat!

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