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Catbrook Village Hall

Back Road




NP16 6NA

Latitude: 51.72N

Longitude: 02.70W

Elevation: 810 feet


Country code: +44

Dialing code: 01600

Google Map

We have new maps! As of October 2018, these maps have been recently updated after being drawn up on the instruction of the Womens Institute some 15 years ago.

We have checked the house names and locations, if you have any comments or amendments please let Andy Pullan know.


Once finalised, maps will remain in these locations (including on the outside of Catbrook Memorial Hall) to assist emergency services and delivery drivers.


Click on each map to see it in a larger format and click on the map name

to see an alphabetical list of houses.

Trellech Grange Whitelye Broadstone Parkhouse Catbrook