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Recipe Book

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We want YOUR favourite recipes!


The idea is to create a recipe book made up of personal recipes from all of us who live in the local area. We're looking for soups, starters, snacks, children's recipes, main courses, salads, accompaniments, desserts, cakes, biscuits - well, anything that involves lovely FOOD!


Is your dish special to you? Please also let us have any anecdotes that go with your recipe, we'd love to include them.

What do you think of that as a title? Please let us know!


The recipes will be compiled into a proper cookery book, professionally printed, so we're after your recipe including the ingredients, how you make it and (eventually) a photo of you or your dish. This is a photo of 'Sarah's Cookies' just to show you how simple it could be.


NOTE: If your recipe comes straight out of a cookery book then we need to know which book so we can give the original creator a credit. If you've tweaked it in any way then there are no copyright issues...

So how does it work?


We'd like you to send us YOUR favourite recipe, it's as simple as that! You can either email it to us using the 'Submit Recipe' button below, or you can hand it on a piece of paper to any of the committee members at any event. We are aiming to have about 100 recipes in the book so feel free to submit more than one, but do please note that if we get HUNDREDS of recipes we may need to ration this to one per person, so let us know which is your most favourite!

Then what happens?


There's a small group of people (Justine, Gretchen, Tracey and Sarah) who will look at all the recipes, see that we have a good balance and then ask for volunteers to test them and, most importantly, TASTE them! Once the book is printed you'll be able to buy it, any profits will go to Catbrook & District Memorial Hall. We hope to have the book on sale by Autumn 2019.

Please note:

Recipes must be submitted (by email or in person)

by the end of JANUARY 2019

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