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Tackling crime and keeping you and your community safe is a top priority across Gwent and Gwent Police believe that improving the flow of information between the community and the Police and their partners can make a great impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.


Gwent Now is a communication system designed to keep the residents of Gwent informed about the latest crime alerts and crime prevention advice for their communities. The messages can be tailored to individual preferences for both the type of messages you receive and the means of communication, directed through a preferred channel of phone, email or text message. Subscription to the system is FREE OF CHARGE.


Gwent Now also allows you to register multiple locations and interests, not just a home address. This is ideal for those who want to know more about where their children go to school, vulnerable family members who live elsewhere, places to socialise and place of work.


Emergency phone 999. Non emergency phone 101


You can contact the police anonymously via Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111


**THIEVES IN THE AREA**  - 3 April 2020


Sadly, as if there wasn't enough going on at the moment, we have heard of two more

thefts from Whitelye in recent days.


The police have been informed. When the previous Catbrook robberies took place in mid December the police advised residents to phone in reporting suspicious vehicles, especially at night as they cannot just stop and search at random but they can respond to such a call by stopping and searching similar vehicles in the area on suspicion. It may also be that thieves are visiting the area during the day to see who is gardening, mowing lawns etc and then return later to the addresses where they knew the tools would be, so look out for suspicious people and cars at any time, not just at night. Now that there is much less traffic about this should be simpler.


Everyone needs to take extra precautions and be on their guard. If you have wildlife cameras/CCTV type systems please set them up.



A local resident has notified us that a thickset man with an Irish accent driving a silver transit van has been seen trying to remove dogs from people's gardens.


In Brockweir, he asked a resident if he could buy his dog. A collie with very young puppies has also disappeared from Brockworth in Gloucestershire.


All dog owners should be vigilant and keep dogs in their sight.


A travelling community has recently parked in Lydney and it is thought there may be a connection.


If you see anything suspicious, or wish to let the community know please post on the Catbrook Hall Facebook Page