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This is the page where you can, well, buy and sell things! If you live in the area and you have something to sell or give away, or if you're looking for something particular that you think somebody local might have, let Sarah know and we'll put it on here!

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Wardrobe doors for sale - 2 sets of wardrobe bifold doors for sale. 205cm High x 39.5cm wide.


Finished width for the 4 doors is 159.5cm.


White wood with off white beading. £30.

Hillary’s roller blind  


Very neutral cream delicate patterned roller blind. Chrome chain on left hand side.


Width 38inches or 97cm. Drop over 80cm. Like new. £15.

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Both the roller blind and the wardrobe doors are with Julian and Lisa.

As usual, contact Sarah who will put you in touch!


Julian from Catbrook has some items below and has just added this chair and curtains.


The chair - £50 - if you're interested in size, etc, contact Sarah and she'll put you in touch with Julian to have a chat or go and sit on it...


The curtains are £25 a pair, there are 2 pairs and they are lined. Each curtain is is 206cm drop x 94cm wide. If you're interested, contact Sarah who will put you all in touch...



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Fional Wilton has a pair of winter tyres for sale which are in near new condition-  almost unused and then she sold the car. They are Firestone Winterhawk 2Evo tyres 185/60 R14. They were previously fitted on a VW polo which had front wheel drive so they may fit other smaller cars also. They make all the difference up here in winter weather! £40 the pair.

As usual, contact Sarah to be put in touch with Fiona...

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