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This is the page where you can, well, buy and sell things! If you live in the area and you have something to sell or give away, or if you're looking for something particular that you think somebody local might have, let Sarah know and we'll put it on here!

August 2018


Craig in Catbrook still has some firewood from trees felled in his garden - it's FREE if you can collect it! If you'd like some wood (bearing in mind it might still need some cutting up) get in touch with Sarah for details...

September 2018



Model 282


In good condition, hardly used.

£50 or near offer.


Tel Liz on 01291 689861

Sewing machine Log pile Sled Dog kennel

Simon has a dog kennel (approximately 3' x 4') and a traditional sled needing new homes. Both are in excellent condition and, whilst we haven't had enough snow for the sled YET, we may well have in the coming months!


There's no charge for either the kennel or the sled, just phone Simon if you're interested.  01600 860132 or 07760 158182