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(Or what's been going on...)

By Catbrook, Nov 13 2018 09:59AM

Yesterday saw the second meeting of the Needlecraft Group with a really good turnout of 15 people all armed with varying needles and bits of yarn... we had patchwork, knitting, crochet and even trouser mending.

Quite a few of us had a go at needle-felting - the steady sound of needles being prodded into wool was very therapeutic! Gretchen had thoughtfully provided small hessian bags which then had a sponge put inside them for felting - otherwise you stab the table...

She also provided wool and needles, and look what our creative residents came up with:

Maria had also brought wool from her dog (yes, dog) Luna - a nice hairy Leonberger. This was similarly needle-felted using cookie cutters to make the shapes - including Christmas decorations!

Justine had brought along her 'nearly finished' advent calendar which has little pockets for daily treats. OK, we're thinking 'chocolate' here...

If you fancy joining us at a needlecraft group, the next one will be on Monday 10th December from 2pm - 4pm. We're going to have a go at crochet!

By Catbrook, Nov 11 2018 06:00PM

Today we commemorated the end of World War 1 with a lovely Remembrance Service conducted by the Reverend Nick Taylor at Catbrook Memorial Hall.

Over 80 people were in the hall to listen to the ladies singing group, Cantores (accompanied by beautiful piano playing from Jill Westwood), sing hymns accompanied by Monmouth Band, and give thanks to all those who served, sacrificed and changed our world one hundred years ago.

John Clarke read out the names and regiments of the fifteen local men who lost their lives.

The collection for the Royal British Legion raised over £340.

Many thanks also to the local ladies for providing delicious cakes and a LOT of cups of tea!

By Catbrook, Oct 21 2018 05:17PM

What a night! Nearly 90 people filled the hall to answer Alan Dedicoat's brillliant quiz, enjoy a meal of baked potatoes and delicious curry cooked by the ladies of Broadstone - and very nearly drink the bar dry...

The winners were a team of Catbrook residents - Alison, Allison, Richard, Steve, Ian and Maria, pictured here with Alan Dedicoat after winning the quiz. They are all happily clutching their winning certificates and Chocolate Oranges - prizes for winning!

And you'll have noticed the total raised - a stunning £2,450!

The questions, all devised by Alan, were superb - for starters we had to name all 37 Blue Peter presenters, with only the initials to guide us... Try it! There's ZS, CK, VS and BH...

Cryptic clues: 5 T on a F? 3 W on a T? 6 B to an O in C?

Or how about identifying fruit and veg? What's this?

Answers at the bottom of the blog!

The top five teams were all within 7 points of each other, with the lead changing hands several times...

All in all this was a fantastic event, enjoyed by everybody - roll on next year! And if you didn't manage to get a ticket, remember to book EARLY next year!

Answers! Zoe Salmon, Caron Keating, Valerie Singleton, Barney Harwood, 5 Toes on a Foot, 3 Wheels on a Tricycle, 6 Balls to an Over in Cricket, and it's a custard apple!

By Catbrook, Oct 17 2018 02:55PM

Monday night saw the first 'proper' meeting of Catbooks, the Catbrook Book Club.

Over 20 people attended and moved into smaller groups to discuss 'The Coroner' by M R Hall who visited the hall last month.

Question cards and bookmarks helped the evening go along, as did the tea, coffee, nibbles and wine!

The next meeting will be on Monday 19th November at 7pm when the book up for discussion will be Ordinary Thunderstorms by Willliam Boyd. For full details and how to buy the book, click here!

By Catbrook, Oct 14 2018 10:33AM

Clyde from Wild Wicker joined us again in the hall to show us how to make a foraging basket.

Using various kinds of willow (and occasionally bamboo inserts!) we built up the weave on this beautiful basket...

And we were all delighted with our finished baskets!

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