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Willow Weaving

By Catbrook, Nov 27 2018 10:30AM

Last week saw two willow weaving courses with Clyde from Wild Wicker, making small baskets.

After weaving a base, uprights were pushed in (that was REALLY hard work) and bent upwards where they were held by a willow ring.

Then weaving started around the edges, using a variety of colours and weaves to make 'bands' on the basket...

The top was complicated - a combination of bending, weaving and threading through. Then the scary part of cutting off all those bits sticking out!

This is a Wednesday basket:

And these are two of the Saturday baskets:

The Saturday group would particularly like you to notice the 'integrated handles' which were an advance of the Wednesday group. Not that this is getting competitive...

And our happy weavers:

A big thank you to Clyde (on the left) for his patience and skill in teaching all of us novices to create such beautiful baskets.

Some of them have already found new friends:

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