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Children in Need 2018

By Catbrook, Oct 21 2018 05:17PM

What a night! Nearly 90 people filled the hall to answer Alan Dedicoat's brillliant quiz, enjoy a meal of baked potatoes and delicious curry cooked by the ladies of Broadstone - and very nearly drink the bar dry...

The winners were a team of Catbrook residents - Alison, Allison, Richard, Steve, Ian and Maria, pictured here with Alan Dedicoat after winning the quiz. They are all happily clutching their winning certificates and Chocolate Oranges - prizes for winning!

And you'll have noticed the total raised - a stunning £2,450!

The questions, all devised by Alan, were superb - for starters we had to name all 37 Blue Peter presenters, with only the initials to guide us... Try it! There's ZS, CK, VS and BH...

Cryptic clues: 5 T on a F? 3 W on a T? 6 B to an O in C?

Or how about identifying fruit and veg? What's this?

Answers at the bottom of the blog!

The top five teams were all within 7 points of each other, with the lead changing hands several times...

All in all this was a fantastic event, enjoyed by everybody - roll on next year! And if you didn't manage to get a ticket, remember to book EARLY next year!

Answers! Zoe Salmon, Caron Keating, Valerie Singleton, Barney Harwood, 5 Toes on a Foot, 3 Wheels on a Tricycle, 6 Balls to an Over in Cricket, and it's a custard apple!

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