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A466 Road Notices


Proposed works on A466

St Arvans to Tintern


30 April 2020

This received by the Community Council from Steve Baldwin, Project Engineer, Highways and Flood Management


The proposed works were originally planned to be undertaken this summer commencing in June to fall outside the period of ecological constraints. The latest we could start onsite and still fall within the ecological window of works is the 6th July to ensure that the works would be complete by the end of August. Before works can commence a number of approvals and consents would need to be approved and in place. One of these relate to the compensation site which will replace the Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) and Special Area of Conservation (SAC) which would be lost of part of our works. Choosing and agreeing this with Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has taken far longer than first anticipated. While we do now have approval in principal that the site we are proposing is suitable, a lot of detail would still be required in order to gain final approval in addition to the submission of the full Stage4 Habitat Regulations Assessment. Given we still have some way to go in negotiating, possible further considerations, ensuring this aligns with legislation and ultimately achieving consent from Welsh Government/EU, it is of our opinion that even if we push the works back until the 6th July that we will not be able to complete the works this financial year.


Unfortunately we have no real option but to delay the works until the 21/22 financial year.